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About company

We have not been on the market for 100 years, 50 years, not even 20. We have a little over 16. We are young and restless!
We produce beautiful, quality furniture for people. To live beautifully!
Because we love people! And because we always aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers, we strive to offer them an excellent product and excellent service. Therefore, we are in continuous training of our team and we are invariably invested in communicating with our active and potential clients. We constantly invest in product quality through technologies and innovations, quality management systems for our products, and strategic and long-lasting partnerships with our business partners.  We have invested and will continue to invest in the company's image through creating excellent products, maintaining high customer service, responsibility and commitment. All of these things, cultivated for more than 16 years, add growth and value to any economic entity, and nevertheless to any society. 
Our roots are in the Republic of Moldova, where we succeeded to establish a strongly rooted foundation for our company  (You can also get to know us better on crinela.md or on Facebook / crinela.md). But we are very fond of our audience in Romania, where we are striving to build and develop a beautiful experience, and live together with the dozens, hundreds and even thousands of buyers in Romania, and experience moments of satisfaction, fulfillment, to help people find the right furniture for them, to create their own emotions and genuine moments, to live in harmony with themselves and their families! We are aware that there are many manufacturers in the furniture industry, with vast experience, traditions, 100, 50 or 20 years on the market, and which we believe are successful competitors. That does not discourage us, on the contrary, it makes us more Cautious and Persistent in Our Success! Because we believe that everyone can find his place under the sun under loyal market conditions.
But let us tell you why to choose CRINELA  furniture: 
• We only work with top-quality materials from trusted and internationally certified suppliers.
• We use a wide range of materials, according to the wishes and budgets of our clients, from laminated wood, painted Medium-Density Fibreboard, MDF Lami-Gloss, MDF coated with veneer, natural wood, High Pressure Laminate, glass, stainless steel etc.
• We offer each client a customized project, taking into account many aspects of his/her life.
When designing kitchens we follow certain criteria: lifestyle, how busy he/she is, does he/she cook often, food preference, etc. We aim to create a full experience, which would only ease our client's life, making their kitchen a fully efficiently equipped space and not just and object of decoration.
All our furniture, especially our kitchens, are always smartly planned, following the recommendations of well known experts in the field, such as the AMK-Moderna Kitchen Group, a group of German industry professionals, dedicated to kitchen design. The association has developed a set of recommendations that we believe are crucial in order to manufacture a smart, ergonomic kitchen. For example, by placing strategic work points at very short distances, and by using some state-of-the-art hardware systems to save your time and energy when cooking, and instead spend it with your loved ones. Last but not least, we give great importance to the furniture design we create. We have a team of professionals and experienced designers who are inspired by everyday life, the wishes and dreams of our clients, classic art collections, by visiting many international exhibitions, but also from their continuous training.
Day after day we look for the secrets of perfection, we follow trends, we strive to become better in order to be able to offer our clients top quality products, which will bring them maximum satisfaction in their use in any day of their life! This is and will always be our philosophy and corporate values.
• Our client is very important to us. It is that driving force that makes us advance, grow, become better. We work following a golden rule "Our client - our master"
• To our Customer, we want to offer the best of us: Quality Products created by the Team, which is the foundation of our business.

With warmth and dedication,