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During its activity, the company has established strategic and long-term partnerships with several economic  entities in Moldova, Europe and even worldwide. This allows us to increase the viability of the company, to position and promote our products on strategic markets, to improve the quality of our products and developing the workforce capacity.

Crinela is collaborating with: 

Franke Kitchen Systems is the leading global provider of intelligent systems for domestic kitchens.

Franke Collection Solid Surface sinks and basins include the same material used to build the countertop, giving you a huge range of options.


Dimplex North America Limited is the global Leader in electric heating systems,offering awide range of products for residential,commercial and industrial use.


A leading supplier of polymer-based solutions in construction industry and automotive industry.


The range of industrial products includes wood-based support plates such as PAL,OSB and MDF. The basic products are embellished with modern decors and modern surfaces.


Blum Is a company that operates worldwide and it is specialized in the production of functional furniture fittings-especially for kitchens.


Hettich creates the perfect combination of smart technology,functionality and designs of the slow closing drawers systems and decorative handles, folding, sliding doors.


The company’s basic product is MDF which is coated with UV gloss in several layers on the front side and on the back side it has applied melamine film. The applied colour has no solvents which makes the products environmentally friendly. The surfaces are resistant to humidity which makes it really easy to maintain.